BLACK MANDALA was founded as the production arm of MANDALA FILMS in 2017 in Auckland, New Zealand by Michael Kraetzer and Nicolas Onetti.

Michael works in the film industry since 1993. He created labels such as I-ON NEW MEDIA for distribution in Germany and MANDALA FILMS for distribution in Australia, New Zealand and the UK.
He started producing films in 2007 and produced cult films such as INBRED (2011) and others in New Zealand, UK, Germany, France and the USA.

Nicolas has produced successfully films in Argentina since 2013 and has become one of the leading producers for Latin America

Their first collaboration was WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND in 2017 which has set new standards for Latin American genre cinema and has won multiple prices on international genre festivals such as SITGES in Spain, MORBIDO in Mexico or OBSCURA in Germany.

BLACK MANDALA will continue to develop and produce high quality genre films which are visually engaging and outstanding.