The world of the genius software developer Gundega collapses in from of her eyes – she loses her loved one, her boss threatens to fire him, her relatives think that she is mad. However, she succeeds making the impossible possible – to create the first artificial intelligence with consciousness who… falls in love with Gundega and takes over the personality of her late boyfriend Raimonds. Gundega has to choose between loving a software and hiding it from all the world which would strive getting a million-worth discovery or ignoring her feelings and giving the world a miracle, including the possibility for her bosses daughter to feel how would it be to be able to walk. However, when Gundega starts to hesitate, the decision passes over into the hands of her colleague Ēriks, and now he can decide between deleting Raimond’s personality from the software or supporting Gundega’s passion, while sacrificing his own feelings for the girl.

DIRECTOR – Uldis Cipsts
WRITER – Rasa Bugavicute-Pece, Arturs Dicis, Aleksey Karaulov
PRODUCER – Uldis Cipsts, Inna Orkina-Sekste
CAST – Ilva Centere, Karlis Kuskis, Arturs Skrastins, Inara Slucka, Regnars Vaivars