Directed by 

Guillermo Lockhart, Charly Goitia, Jeronimo Rocha, David Ferino, Maximilian Niemann, Arie Socorro, Andres Borghi, Ryan Graff


Nacho Francavilla, Josefina Fariña, Justina Ceballos, Zhon Li, Pachi Lucas, Maite Solsona, Agustin Olcese,Iago Illescas & Magui Bravi


A group of influencers decide to play a paranormal game in the mysterious Stonewall Mansion. To do this, they form a circle with a hundred lit candles and begin to narrate horror stories live for their social networks, without knowing that this place hides a dark past. They have awakened something evil. The youngsters will have to continue the game until the end if they want to survive…