Directed by 

Kike Narcea


Mario Mayo, Diego París, Fabia Castro, Fernando Gil, Antonio Mayans, Raúl Jiménez, Ana Márquez, Lone Fleming, Esteban Balbi, Miguel Lago Casal



Gabriel, a.k.a. NUTHEAD, is a former boxer who lives in a shithole village outside the city with his father and his dog. He could still box, but after getting locked up for a few years, he wants to live a chill life to keep it low-key. When his father dies and his shady dealings come to light, a variety of characters show up at his doorstep with their own intentions: his brother and his psycho new chick, a pissed-off stalker, some dangerous mobsters with shady-ass plans, and a bunch of goons huntin’ down a stolen cash stash. Even though he tries to stay outta the shitstorm, he’s gotta face ’em all head-on to set things straight, forcing him to use his best skill, bustin’ heads and throwin’ blows until those fuckers are flat on the ground, beat to a pulp.