The new film of the Onetti Brothers (WHAT THE WATERS LEFT BEHIND) about the Darknet and the crazy things going on there. Truly shocking and disturbing!


A young amateur hacker is tempted along with other hackers by an anonymous person to be part of a game: Try to reach the 8th level of the Deep Web, penetrating the deepest and unknown part of the internet. After the first levels everything becomes more and more dense and sinister on the web and few have the tools to keep moving forward. It is there where he receives a chat message from an unknown nicknamed “Deusdarknet”, who wants to help him win the game, as he says he has the decrypted codes to access all levels.


Through this he discovers new hidden sites and classified information’s which are extreme disturbing and start to destabilize him, deciding to give up the game. But “Deusdarknet” has prepared a horrible surprise that will make it impossible for him to leave.